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Maša  Lancner  - Portfolio menzionato 2 SELEZIONE “OPEN SYNAP(SEE)” EDIZIONE 2013

“I before myself” is an autobiographical piece of work dedicated to the period when I was not
here  yet,  but  I  was  present  –  as  a  foetus  of  the  mother’s  body.  This  is  continuous  inner
struggle with question “Who am I?.” The title and the unfocused  images reflect the chaotic
emotions and feelings of the period before I was born. Of course, I do not remember that time,
but I know it from the stories of the others. Part of images presents staged portraits and even
one self-portrait. That is important for proper development of the story. Other photos reflect
events  that  happened  during  the  time  I  was  in  the  womb.  The  whole  story  is  about  the
connection of two levels; real, actual events and the symbolic level. 
1. Moon - symbol of fertility
2. Sky - a manifestation of power
3. Flower
4. Foetus
5. Staged portrait of my mother’s belly
6. Tree - a symbol of life
7. Staged portrait of my parents wedding day
8. Image of self – self-portrait
9. Maternity hospital where I was born
10. Baby dress
11. Image of self – self-portrait
12. / Sea - place of birth, transformation and rebirth


Maša  Lancner  (b.  1984)  based  in  Nova  Gorica  (Slovenia)  studied
photography  at  the  High  Vocational  College  Srečko  Kosovel  in
Sežana.  She  is  taking  an  interest  in  the  documentary  and  authorial
photography.  In  2011  and  2012  took  part  in  Emzin  Magazine
competition  (Slovenia),  The  International  Photography  award
Emergentes Dst (Portugal), Project Portas Abertas in Fórum Eugénio
de  Almeida  (Portugal)  and  she  finished  among  the  finalists.  She  is  also  a  winner  of  the
Thursday award 2013 in the Photopub festival (Slovenia) for series The Metamorphosis.
Solo exhibition
2013 “Metamorfoza”, Galerija Tir, Nova Gorica, Slovenija
2006  "Dlje  od  morja,  bližje  soncu",  Krožna  Galerija  Slovenskega  narodnega  gledališča
NovaGorica, Slovenia
2006 "Dlje od morja, bližje soncu", Velika točka ZKD, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
2006 "Más acá del sol, más allá del mar", Instituto Cervantes, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2006 "Más acá del sol, más allá del mar", Instituto Cervantes, Bratislava, Slovakia
Group exhibition
2013 "Odtujenost", Galerija Simulaker, Novo mesto, Slovenia
2013 "Slovenska NovaF", Galerija Stolp, Maribor, Slovenia
2013 "Portas abertas", Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, Portugal
2012 "The International Photography award of EMERGENTES DST of Festival Encontros de
Imagem", Braga, Portugal
2011 "Emzin - fotografija leta 2011", ožji izbor, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2010 "Študentje Višje strokovne šole Sežana", Kulturni dom Prvačina, Prvačina, Slovenia
2010 "Oblika in slika", Kulturni dom Srečka Kosovela, Sežana, Slovenia
2010 "Udeleženci Celje fokus", Celjski mladinski center, Celje, Slovenia
2009 "Udeleženci Celje fokus", Celjski mladinski center, Celje, Slovenia
2013 Thursday award 2013 - Fotopub festival (Slovenia)